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"Macapuno" … the name stands for a very rare and special kind of a coconut. It is richly filled with a deliciously tasting sweet flesh and is known as one of the delicatessen desserts on the Philippines.

In the beginning of 2009, in the middle of palm oases, with a few to a small white sandy island on the horizon we felt incredibly unique in finding this particular and idyllic situated place in the Taritien bay, … „we have arrieved in the paradise!“
A year later, in July 2010 we open the Macapuno Beach Resort, a dream has come true. We have concentrated our attention to the natural beauty of this particular region and desied to live with and in it.

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The houses are built with regionall materials and are furnished in an affectionate style with traditional Philippine decoration. Everywhere surrounded by water fountains and gardens with small seating and deckchair areas to enjoy and recover.

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Relaxation for body, mind and soul, back to the internal balance.     (Massages with ethereal oils and essence, natural coconut virginoil)


On the cricular terrace of our restaurant (a round house) one can be spoilt culinary,accompanyed by the wonderful few of the sea . We offer a wide variety of the Philippine cuisine including specialities of the house to our guests. Remaining faithful to the Macapuno nut , you will enjoy numerous delightful curry dishes which are prepared with fresh coconut milk. An interesting adventure is to watch the palm climbers recouperating and preparing the coconuts. The freshness of our Seafood specialities are guaranteed (own fishing), also romantic evenings on the Beach … To the really unforgettable moments under tropical star skys are candel light dinners, with crackeling palm sheet fires and guitar music.
 You are warmly invited and we are happy to welcome you as our guests in the Macapuno Beach Resort


Welcome - Mabuhay

wish the German Philippine hosts

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