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The MACAPUNO BEACH RESORT not far from the small town of NARRA and 80 km from the city  of Puerto Princesa. The region of TARITIEN in the south of Palawan island. Surrounded by palm plantations, the idyllic Resort is located directly in the bay of SULU SEA with a few to Isla Arena, an enchanting white-sandy small island, and Rasa Island, a bird paradise and nature conservation park. Rasa Island is known as one of the biggest breeding grounds of Cockatoos and other kinds of bird breeds of Palawan.

The arena Island, is surrounded by a 3 to 4 ha big reef and offers not only ideal conditions for snorkeling and diving, but it is also a quite special place to admire sea turtles, witch are under conservation.

At the end of the bay a small river leads into the Sulusee. a place of untouched nature and tides which is very inviting for interesting Rivertours and hiking throug earthy mangrove woods.


The long stretched island PALAWAN is called, because of  its natural variety, one of the nicest island of the Philippine archipelago. There one meets a primeval landscape in the form of rain forests with a big palette of botanical specific features. A labyrinth of hundreds of small islands, bays and fjords which are hardly outbid by regional beauty. The animal world includes the Armadillo Pangolin, a midget deer called Pilandok as well as the Palawan-bear. These species seem to be exclusively on Palawan. Crocodiles (which are not represented everywhere!!), Waranes, snakes as well as parrots, tucan birds and colourful butterflies.
The best way from the airport of Purto Princesa to the MacapunoResort is the in- house shuttle service, which takes 1.5h to drive by car. But is also possible to take the bus , jeep or mortorbike.... this for someone “who has lot of time”

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